Our factory trained technicians, make it a priority to provide you with quality service. We have a network of experienced technicians to provide the best repairs at the least possible cost. Our knowledge ranges from TVs, computers, networking, tube amplifiers, solid state amplifiers, vintage equipment. 

Quality workmanship is a priority for 1st Response Electronics and will not be compromised. Here is a list of what you can expect. 

Repair Related

  • Repair procedures shall be performed in accordance with O.E.M. service data or specifications
  • All components replaced in a repair which are indicated as being "safety related" shall be the equivalent of O.E.M. replacement parts. 
  • All mounting hardware (screws, brackets, etc.) shall be re-installed upon completion of repair. If any hardware is missing it shall be noted on the invoice. 
  • Correct lead dress and component placement shall be performed as prescribed by the O.E.M. 
  • Workman like solder techniques shall be utilized. 
  • Technicians shall not defeat AC interlock circuitry or polarization of AC plugs. If found defeated, the technician shall correct or notify the customer. The correction or notification shall be noted on the invoice. 
  • Technicians shall not defeat high voltage or over voltage protection circuits. 
  • Technicians shall not bypass or exceed original ratings of fuses or circuit breakers.
  • Technicians shall replace all shields, cages, tuner covers, and panels upon completion of job. 
  • Potential shock or safety hazards shall be brought to the attention of the customer by the technician. And shall be noted on the invoice. 


  • We will not use 'free' in any advertisement. Unless the product or service mentioned is actually free. 
  • Our service call fee includes the charge for transportation and initial diagnoses. we do not charge separate trip and diagnoses fees.
  • The repair cost quoted includes labor and parts to complete the repair, it excludes applicable taxes, it will be clearly noted on paperwork. 
  • Our technicians will dress in appropriate attire and offer to wear protective booties upon entering your home. 
  • All technicians have to pass a background check.
  • All technicians have yearly drug tests.  

Note: The state of California requires a license for electronic repair, Florida does not, we have used there trade standards as a foundation to ours. Here is a link to California's.

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