TV Brands

We often get asked: What are the best TVs to purchase? Well it depends on the purpose.

Primary TV
I would recommend a name brand TV, our favorites are (not in any order): Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio, LG, Sharp, Toshiba. If you were to have a problem with any of these brands while it is under warranty you should not have a problem finding a local service center that will be able to repair your TV in your home. Other brands will often require you to ship the TV to the manufacturer at your cost. If a problem occurs out of the warranty period, all of these manufactures support their products by providing service information and access to parts.

Secondary TV / Outside TV
If this TV will be used occasionally I would suggest purchasing the TV that your are able to get the best deal. If they fail within the warranty period the seller might replace it or it will need to be shipped to the manufacturer for replacement/repair. If the unit fails after the warranty period it might be able to be repaired depending on the problem and parts availability.