We have your DLP and LCD Lamps IN STOCK. Our technicians will provide you with quality products that we have tested and stand behind. We will also inspect your TV to confirm it is working optimally.

Don't be fooled by others selling inferior lamps.

Inferior lamps can cause the following:

  • Overheating and melting of surrounding components(i.e. plastics, fans, housings, covers, protection switches).
  • Incorrect color reproduction. OEM lamps produce light that is very close to true white. Non-oem bulbs can produce light that has a yellow or blue tint. 
  • Reduced life.
  • Intermittent operation towards the end of life. 
  • Failure of other components.

How to increase the life of your lamp:

  • Have your cooling system cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Keep a clearance of 12 inches all around the television. 

Inferior lamps we have seen in the field:

Poor quality lamp, it has cut air vents to keep it cool.

The lamp above has air vents cut. A quality lamp will not have these cuts.


Another lamp that has vents that were cut after manufacturing.

Replacing a poor quality lamp that only lasted a few weeks.


Counterfeit lamp, you can tell by the color of the reflector.

This is a Toshiba Lamp. Notice the reflector has a yellow tint. This lamp worked for a few months then started to not work intermittently.


Beware of counterfeit lamps. This Toshiba lamp is poor quality. Notice the glass, it should be solid.

This is a poor quality Toshiba lamp. Notice the square piece of glass on the front of the lamp. It should be round and completely cover the front. 

Some TVs have an internal lamp timer to notify the user when the lamp needs to be replace. It is important to replace the lamp soon after the lamp warning. Failure to do so can cause the following:

  • Lamp overheating, causing damage to surrounding components.
  • Decrease in brightness.
  • Discoloration of the picture. 
  • On some Sony Models, we have seen costly damaged to the light engine.

Determining if you are purchasing a counterfeit lamp can be very difficult. Most on line sellers lie and advertise that it is the OEM / original lamp, when they are not. They entice you with low prices. To prevent purchasing a counterfeit lamp we suggest you purchase it from a local company that you can trust and stands behind their work or an authorized parts distributor for your brand.  

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