HDMI Cables Demystified


To the point: 

Using a HDMI cable that costs $20 will result in the same picture quality as one costing $100. When purchasing a HDMI cable there are 2 pieces on information you need to know. Do you want high speed (1080p) or standard speed (1080i or lower)? With or with out ethernet? I recommend purchasing a high speed cable with out ethernet. (Ethernet over HDMI is not common).



In the field I have seen problems with dirt cheap HDMI cables. I had a customer whose picture would disappear every time she used her central vacuum. After a few minutes of troubleshooting I was able to determine the problem was her HDMI cable. The cable did not have adequate shielding (and/or the differential pairs were not twisted correctly) and the interference the electric motor created disrupted the signal to the TV. I have also seen picture quality problems at higher resolutions, 1080p, as a result of a poor HDMI cable. The problem is obvious. Our experienced technicians at 1st Response Electronics are able to troubleshoot your problem.