Our specialty at 1st Response Electronics is In Home Television Repair. Most repairs can be performed in your home and usually on the first visit. Our technicians are trained to repair your TV down to the component level to reduce your repair cost. If a component level repair is not possible we will give you options and a recommendation. 

  • Same Day Service
  • Professional Technicians
  • Service all types (LCD / LED / QLED / OLED / Mini LED / 4K / 8K)
  • Our service vehicles are well stocked
  • RF / Coax Cable Connector Replacement.
  • We want to make your TV repair experience painless.
  • We repair your TV the correct way, the first time!
  • Our technicians have shoe protectors to keep your floors clean. 
  • Call us for advice! We can offer you a second opinion.  

1st Response Electronics repairs all TV brands including: Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Onn, Hisense, Roku, Insignia.

Most electronic items have sophisticated protection circuits. To prevent the damaged circuits from causing more problems. Usually the indicator leds will blink in a particular sequence to provide information to the technician. If your TV is providing a protection code please notify the technician when you call. 

Board Level Repair

Above is an example of a component level repair we performed. It was hit by lightning and it damaged the HDMI input. The HDMI switching IC was replaced and all functions were tested. 



Some Common Problems we encounter: Sure, here are some common TV problems:

  1. No Power: The TV won't turn on at all.
  2. No Picture: The screen is blank despite the TV being on.
  3. No Sound: The picture is fine, but there is no audio.
  4. Distorted Picture: The image is fuzzy, blurry, or distorted.
  5. Screen Flickering: The screen flashes on and off or flickers.
  6. Lines on Screen: Horizontal or vertical lines appear on the screen.
  7. Color Issues: Incorrect or distorted colors.
  8. Remote Control Not Working: The remote is unresponsive or only works intermittently.
  9. Connection Problems: Issues with connecting external devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, or streaming devices.
  10. Smart TV Issues: Problems with apps not working, internet connectivity, or software updates.
  11. Screen Burn-In: Static images are permanently "burned" into the screen.
  12. Sound Distortion: Audio is unclear, muffled, or has static.
  13. Overheating: The TV gets excessively hot during operation.
  14. Power Cycling: The TV turns on and off by itself.
  15. Input Lag: Delay between input from devices and the TV's response.

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